Maker's Wallet Collection

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Maker's Wallet 
Premium leather wallet offers custom pockets to hold Traveler's Company brass ballpoint pen and Moleskine Volant Journal. 

Maker's Wallet + Böker Plus Credit Card Knife
Offers same features as Maker's Wallet plus lightweight Böker knife and leather loop on back of wallet for secure storage of knife. 

Each Maker's Wallet is handcrafted individually by Enrico Leone, Founder and Owner of Enrico Makes, using leather sourced from Wickett & Craig, a world premiere vegetable tannery founded in 1867 and located in central Pennsylvania.  Veg-tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces deep-colored leathers of superior quality that exhibit a beautiful patina over time. Before each wallet is shipped, a generous coating of Daddy Van's All Natural Unscented Beeswax is applied to hydrate the leather and bring out its unique imperfections and textures.  No two wallets are exactly the same.  10% of all sales will be donated to nonprofit. 

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  • Think it. Write it. Make it.

  • Make the world you want.

Think it. Write it. Make it.

Make the world you want. MAKER'S WALLET